Company Profile- Linear Land Surveying Victoria

Linear Land Surveying are a team of licensed surveyors operating across Melbourne and Victoria specialising. We specialise in a broad range of surveys and development consultancy for construction and land development projects. We pride ourselves in having expert staff that have over three decades of experience.


At Linear Land Surveying we offer a broad array of services and other specialist surveys and services. Read about our main services we can offer you:


Application survey

Linear Land Surveying can provide you with the required documentation for any applications to Land Use Victoria. We can provide Licenced Surveyors report, Plan of survey and Abstract Field Records.

We have many service to help you when you are planning a development of a property or dealing with a current property. We are experts in identifying your needs and finding the best solution for you. For expert advice from a professional land surveying company in Victoria Call Linear Land Surveying on 03 9873 8888. We can assure you that our expertly qualified staff will be able to assist you with your needs, provide advice and tailor a plan to suite your requirements.

Feature & Level Survey

Feature and levels survey provides a detailed view of the existing site conditions of the subject site, locating all topographical features of the property, as well as details of adjoining properties and the street. Our Feature and Level Surveys have to have a sufficient level of detail for local councils and town planners to accurately assess the potential impact of any changes to the property.  We can tailor our survey to suit your specific design needs.


Re-establishment Survey

Re-establishment surveys are necessary when the accurate location of your title position is required. In Victoria, a Title Re-establishment can only be performed by a Licensed Surveyor. Linear land surveying can use our expertise to identify any problems regarding titles, provide a detailed Re-establishment plan that indicated any issues. We can also provide you with expert advice on any further steps you should take regarding your property rights.


Sight Analysis Survey

Linear Land Surveying supply site analysis surveys across greater Melbourne, allowing our clients gain approval from the appropriate authority for any development projects. This survey is usually completed as an addition to the Title Re-establishment & Feature / Level Survey Plan

Linear Land Surveyors can help you with creating individual titles for your property to enable their separate sale. As directed in Councils planning scheme, the majority of subdivisions require a planning permit, and all require a licensed surveyor to certify the plans. There is certain subdivision which are exempt from the need for a planning permit.

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