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Zincanneal vs Galvanized Steel: What To Choose?

Zincanneal vs Galvanized Steel

Both galvanised steel and zincanneal steel are characterised by zinc coating whose main purpose is to enhance resistance to corrosion of the metal. The two pass through the hot-dip process, where steel is submerged in a zinc bath to enhance rust prevention. However, Zincanneal steel undergoes an extra process known as annealing. Annealing generally involves […]

Why Structural Steel is Mostly Used in Construction

Structural Steel Construction

According to Wikipedia, structural steel is a category of steel used for making construction materials in a variety of shapes. Structural Steel stands out as the most used structural material in the construction industry along with concrete both in Australia and all other parts of the world. Ranging from the most popular buildings and famous […]

Top 5 Common Myths About Marketing Automation

Myths About Marketing Automation

My grandfather used to hate television. The only technological improvement that suited his preferences was radio. However, times change and people change. Now he can’t imagine his life without searching the guitar chords for countless songs on his iPad so he can play them. Likewise, many B2B companies refuse to implement new trends to their […]