How to Make your First Move Go Smoothly

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Moving houses for the first time? Whether you’re off to university or simply need to leave the nest, there’s plenty of things first-timers have to consider to make sure their move goes smoothly – read through these expert tips by our Christchurch movers to ensure everything goes without a hitch!

Pack well ahead of time

You want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to move out so that you can pack properly and move with ease. In order to ensure this, start packing well ahead of time so you don’t have to rush or end up forgetting anything because you had to pack last minute.

Hire professional movers and packers

When it’s your first time moving, you want to take as much hassle off your hands as possible. Hiring professional movers is a no-brainer, but have you ever considered hiring professional Christchurch movers and packers? This way, the entire packing process is handled for you too, ensuring everything is packed up properly, moved safely and unpacked efficiently.

Budget for moving expenses

Moving expenses can sneak up on your real fast if you’re not prepared. Think ahead of costs like hiring movers, of course, as well as the bond, utilities, household appliances and the first month’s rent if that needs to be paid upfront. Always have a little bit extra in your pocket for any unforeseen circumstances associated with moving.

Connect your utilities

One thing that many first time movers forget to take care of is connecting their utilities ahead of time, meaning they can’t access any water or electricity when they first arrive at their new place! Avoid this disaster by having your utilities connected before you move in. Some real estate agents or landlords are able to do this for you ahead of time, so enquire about what assistance you can receive.

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