What is Land Surveying?

Land Surveyor

Land surveying is a method of measuring and mapping things in our surroundings by using specialised equipment, technology and mathematics. This is actually one of the oldest professions in the world.

What does a land surveyor do?

Land surveyors are the ones planning and designing land subdivisions. They work both on project sites and behind the desk. While out on site, they gather important information in order to complete a detailed map of the land. They do mathematical measurements to map out heights, distances and other numbers that allow architects and builders to design and build on the site. Behind the desk, they use the data to create maps of the site.

Land surveyors give advice and provide information to guide architects, engineers and developers in their work. They work on many different kinds of projects and they work with all levels of government. In the residential sector, they subdivide land and properties to ensure buildings will fit and that council guidelines are followed. In the commercial sector, they are involved early on in the projects. They are usually one of the first professionals on a construction site. They produce the data that can be used by others later on in the process. A few examples of projects a land surveyor can be a part of are road works, mining projects, shopping centres and tunnelling.

Land surveying plays a major role in the land development process. It’s because of land surveyors other people can perform their jobs. A surveyor can also do a re-establishment to determine the exact location of the property boundaries. For this you have to complete an re-establishment survey. The survey shows the condition of the site.

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