4 Ways BlueScope Sheet Metal Specialists Add Value to Your Business

The Australian industry is a fast-moving train that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the Australian Steel Institute reports that about 5.3 million tonnes of steel are produced in the country every year, supporting some 135,800 employees. The numbers don’t stop there, as the multiplier spells out growth as well: about $1.87 million in value is added for every $1 million, making the industry a very profitable one. Among the major game changers in the local Australian steel industry is BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, a company whose name has been the first in mind for high quality steel and exceptional customers service.

For decades, BlueScope sheet metal specialists have been the go-to by architects, designers, and project managers from different sectors, including the building and construction industries, manufacturing industry, and the automotive and transport industries. Clients such as these demand BlueScope steel for its quality and reliability, paired with excellent customer service. With these two factors combined, BlueScope enables businesses in these industries to perform better and have better, streamlined processes. Here’s how BlueScope sheet metal specialists add value to these businesses.

BlueScope Sheet Metal Specialists’ Customer-centric Approach to Success

BlueScope sheet metal specialists have a deep business understanding, enabling a mutually beneficial partnership with clients.

Any client-provider relationship begins with a need that must be fulfilled. Most relationships like these succeed because providers fully comprehend what their client needs and when they need it. BlueScope sheet metal specialists have an intimate knowledge of business processes so they can create reciprocal business practice advantages and better strategies to make things more efficient. This keen understanding of how a client’s business works enables BlueScope to offer recommendations on how to increase efficiency, decrease cost, and eliminate waste, to make their business succeed better. Steel specialists at BlueScope are highly skilled in analysing processes to determine areas of improvement, which are often documented in the Steel Efficiency Review®, which is unparalleled in the Australian steel industry.

BlueScope sheet metal specialists promise supply reliability and commitment to customers to eliminate supply chain risk.

No business wants to be caught in a bind. Supply chain risk encompasses disruptions, delays, system risks, forecast risks, procurement risks, inventory risks, and environmental risk, among many others. BlueScope sheet metal specialists are discerning professionals in the field who are skilled in reviewing customers’ needs to determine a clear outcome on how steel delivery and processing can take place to create a competitive advantage for the client. BlueScope combines product quality, product tolerances, and reliability of supply to deliver unparalleled reliability that enables them to decrease or eliminate supply chain risk for their client.

Steel specialists at BlueScope deliver full and on-time, eliminating production delays.

Delays cost time and money. By providing clients with the right product, at the right time, and at the right price, value is added to a client’s business. BlueScope’s Delivery in Full and On-Time (DIFOT) system is a value proposition that depends on accurate customer forecasts of stock replenishment. As BlueScope steel providers, specialists work closely with clients to ensure accurate delivery every time so that processes run seamlessly. BlueScope’s flexibility allows for improved, seamless production processes and a decreased rate of production delays.

BlueScope steel specialists provide knowledge and expertise together with an Inventory Assistance Scheme for improved stock management.

BlueScope steel experts add value to a client’s business by providing product development and supply chain innovation to the table. Their in-depth knowledge of the industry and the client’s business place them in a position to provide sound advice on how to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and eliminate wastes. Part of their expertise is the Inventory Assistance Scheme, a customised program that examines the current purchasing and stocking practices in the business to analyse areas of improvement. The process involves identifying and quantifying root issues and bottlenecks and making recommendations to assist stock management. This process helps in developing a formal supply agreement in order to maintain a level of efficiency both internally and externally.

BlueScope sheet metal specialists are some of the leading experts when it comes to Australian steel. They provide a range of steel products for various applications across several local and international industries. Such produces include mild steel, cold rolled strip steel, hot rolled strip steel, metallic coated strip still, pre-painted strip steel, plate steel, hot rolled coil, and cold rolled coil. BlueScope sheet metal specialists go beyond expectations to challenge the conventional methods of production, operations and distribution, to identify ways to do things more efficiently and effectively, create more positive business outcomes, and add more value to a business.

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