Commercial Cleaning is an Investment, not a Cost

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There is a perception amongst many businesses that commercial cleaning is simply a cost of doing business. It is true that it is strictly a cost in terms of expenses and revenue, but it’s important to consider the value and future security that commercial cleaning businesses provide. All businesses, no matter their industry or clientele should consider cleaning an investment in the future of their business.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Maintain client and staff health
  • Keep staff productive and enthused to work
  • Establish a good first impression with clients
  • Mitigate regulatory risk and risk to consumers
  • Keep equipment in satisfactory condition for longer

Commercial Cleaning in Specialised Industries:

The returns on investment vary from industry to industry. Industries like food manufacturing have specialised standards and are subject to regular scheduled and unscheduled inspections. For this reason, additional proactive measures are required to mitigate risk, such as regular air-con filter cleaning and swab testing. Food manufacturing businesses should invest in a commercial cleaner with specialised experience in the food manufacturing industry.

Likewise, the medical industry is also subject to intense scrutiny, because the risks are so high. Everyone from small specialist clinics through to central hospitals require consistently clean equipment and machinery to ensure patients and staff aren’t exposed to heightened risk. The fallout from a case of medical negligence could easily wipe out a small business, and it would most certainly have serious ramifications for larger public institutions. This is why medical clinics consider commercial medical cleaning services to be a vital investment in their future.

Client and Employee Relationships:

Even if you run an entirely service-based business, regular commercial cleaning is still a necessary investment to maintain a healthy relationship with your clients. If your office space is consistently dusty, cluttered and grime-filled, you aren’t leaving your clients with the impression that your team are meticulous or organised.

You should also consider the impact on your employees, not just in terms of sick days, but employee satisfaction. Coming to a clean desk, empty rubbish bin and spotless floors gives employees less things to distract them, improving productivity. Keeping your workplace clean is one of the simple things you can do to maintain an environment your employees feel comfortable and at-home in. Commercial office cleaning is an investment to mitigate staff turnover and keep your team productive.

Equipment Maintenance:

Equipment like computers, air-conditioners and hygienic facilities require constant cleaning to ensure their reliable operation for years to come. Letting things like dust and debris accrue inside and on top of your equipment can reduce the lifespan. Even furniture that isn’t properly cleaned regularly can suffer permanent cosmetic damage. Once again, commercial cleaning is an investment, because it reduces your long-term capital costs.

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