Plants that Shine up Your Garden or Home in Winter


Just because the weather is cold it doesn’t mean that flowers can’t bloom. In fact, there are many plants that light up the gardens in winter.

Hellebores is a flower that really brightens up the winter. These beauties flower for six weeks and some varieties start flowering from late May and run through into late July. These flowers are also known as the winter rose. They are ideal for growing in the shade, such as under a tree or along the side of a house.

Adonis amurensis are one of the most common flowers to spot during this time.  You recognise them on the golden yellow colour. It blooms for many weeks.

There are four different varieties of Cyclamen, but Cyclamen coum is the one that takes us through winter. This flower has a beautiful foliage.

Galanthus, also called snowdrops, are probably the most sought-after flowers during the winter months. These flowers are easy to grow. Try to divide them every three years and you will soon notice how many of these beautiful flowers you have in your garden.

Bergenia is a large-leaved foliage plant that serves as a ground cover for shady areas of the garden. During the spring months, light pink plum flowers arise throughout the spring months. This is a very easy plant to grow.

Chimonanthus praecox blooms over a two-month period, usually even longer. It spreads a fragrance that intensifies in the cold, contrary to most flowers which need warmth and moisture to release their scent. This is a flower you can bring into the house.

Daphne Bholua is an attractive shrub of pale pink flowers that lights up the winter. This shrub can grow in any garden, small or big.

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